Ballet La Crosse is excited to present the timeless fairytale of Cinderella. The power of love transcends all obstacles and boundaries as proven in this rags to riches story. A young girl desolated and mistreated by her step-family is assisted by a magical fairy godmother who makes the impossible possible. Every young girl dreams of her prince. Come and experience one such dream unfolding to the luscious score of Sergei Prokofiev with choreography by Kennet Oberly and Amanda Schams.



Act 1

Scene 1: Cinderella is dreaming about her deceased mother. The only remembrances that she has of her mother are a picture and a locket that she cherishes. Cinderella remembers how her father remarries a widow and she gains two new stepsisters.

Scene 2: Daily activity in the household. As usual the sisters take advantage of Cinderella, demeaning her as she is the only one doing the household chores. She is constantly refereeing the many spats between the two sisters.

Scene 3: Cinderella alone: She is attempting to keep her spirits up. Her only friends are 6 mice whom she is kindly feeding and sharing her sorrows with.

Scene 4: Cinderella has a moment alone with her poor beleaguered father as they remember her mother.

Scene 5: The dysfunctional family life continues, when is suddenly interrupted by a very mysterious cloaked figure. It is a beggar woman asking for simple offerings. Everyone arrogantly refuses except for Cinderella who offers whatever food they have from the table. The grateful beggar woman hands Cinderella a royal document, which states to the delight of the stepmother and her daughters, the announcement of a royal ball. The document states that all eligible maidens of marrying age are able to attend a the ball. Everyone immediately begins dreaming of their moment with the prince. Cinderella is of course quickly discouraged by the sisters of her low prospects/chance of attending the ball.

Scene 6: The stepmother brings in a dancing master for her girls to brush up on their manners, style, and dancing technique.

Scene 7: The sisters and mother dress up and depart for the ball leaving Cinderella alone and abandoned. At the height of her despair the mysterious beggar woman returns and magically transforms into a beautiful fairy godmother who assures Cinderella that she and her fairy companions will magically transform her into a new girl far worthy of any prince. The fairy godmother warns Cinderella that she has only until midnight and then the magic will wear off and she will return back to her former self, her carriage will return to a pumpkin, and the handsome horses will once again be mice. A simple garden pumpkin becomes a carriage borne by 6 majestic horses that were once her mice companions. The fairy godmother and fairies soon have her on the way to the ball.

Act 2

Scene 8: The Glamour and The Glitter of the Ball: High Society is entertained by the court jester.

Scene 9: Entrance of the Prince followed by entrance of Cinderella: Through a sweeping and romantic waltz, Cinderella and the Prince meet and fall in love. Everyone is mystified by this beautiful figure who has so quickly captured the prince’s heart. The gossip ensues. The Prince and Cinderella however are not affected by their insignificant prattle.

Scene 10: A royal banquet is served of which the exotic fruit of an orange is offered to everyone. The stepsisters, while they are not embarrassed, shamelessly start to quibble over whose orange is the best. The court jester makes a display of great amusement and puts the sister quickly back in their place.

Scene 11: The prince and Cinderella find a moment alone where they confess and revel in their love for each other.

Scene 12: Midnight sneaks up and comes all too soon. Cinderella is forced to flee and in her haste, one shoe falls off, which is found by a much dismayed and forlorn Prince who vows an eternal search until he finds his one and only true love.

Scene 13: Images of Cinderella racing home, hopeless and ragged from the elements and the Prince fast on her trail stopping to try the shoe on any maiden he finds along the way, but alas with his hopes dashed, he courageously continues on.

Scene 14: Cinderella arrives back home broken hearted. Her mice friends try to cheer her up and she remembers all the previous events at the ball until she collapses into an emotional turmoil.

Scene 15: The sisters, stepmother, and father return quite tired from the eventful evening and the sisters immediately resume their relentless teasing and degrading of an already emotionally fraught Cinderella.

Scene 16: All are shocked when the Prince is announced that he shall arrive and test the shoe on all the young women of the household. The stepmother immediately stuffs Cinderella out of sight. No matter how much the stepsisters try, they cannot get their feet into the magic shoe. The discouraged Prince is about to leave when he discovers Cinderella huddling in the dark shadows. He calls her forth and instantly recognizes her through her rags as the other half of his heart.

Scene 17: United forever and borne aloft by the fairies, the Prince and Cinderella begin their magical life together full of happiness, never to be separated again.

Cinderella Score Composed by Sergei Prokofiev